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At Extend we’re remodeling originality on an ever-broader
horizon; bringing together unrivaled skilled minds, to provide
integrated strategic communications and cohesive experience
for clients. Our strategic agencies operate in 3 countries,
working with global and local clients, and helping the semi-governmental authorities to achieve their Vision 2030

CEO Message

Extend | The Ad Network leverages its exceptional skilled assets, communication consulting, creativity, media, public relations, digital, technology and artificial intelligence to deliver unique and achievable ideas that have a robust impact when it comes to client’s engagement with its various audiences. Our ultimate objective is to be our clients' vital partner in their own transformation by providing them with an agile access to our best-in-class know-how across an endless achievable integration. A driving vigor nationally and regionally, Extend | The Ad Network believes in the power of creativity, intelligence and technology to realize change, whenever and whatever the clients’ needs are. We are also persistent on being fully focused to activate in ways that are sustainable, promoting superior equity and transparency within our Ad Network and the community at large.

Our Story

The key to our success lies in what makes us special.
The secret to success is defining precise marketing goals, but creating a plan in the complex world of media is challenging.
Instead of completing the tasks at hand, we develop solutions that satisfy your needs. Our skills transcend beyond procedures, information, products, services, and even integrated communications.


Extend | The Ad Network is led by a multi-experienced management team with world-class expertise in corporate management, marketing, and communications at all levels. Extend's cutting edge creative culture, has been sustained throughout an era of extraordinary change that we are still pursuing, to provide our current and prospect clients a strategic integrated communications solution. Our leaders team up to drive Extend's business onward through a determined ambition for talent development, client servicing, strategic thinking, innovation and operational excellence.


To be MENA’s leading marketing agency, by providing quality content and tailored services executed by outstanding professionals working from cutting-edge facilities.


To inform strong connection between brands and people; by engaging with, and adapting to a rapidly changing world, employing creative minds and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Our Values


    By growing as a team, we combine our skills to give you the best results.


    We take pride in taking on projects that come with stringent requirements and challenging targets.


    With the ever-changing industry trends, we are constantly evolving as we have the ability to switch gears quickly and smoothly.


    We value uniqueness and welcome all the opportunities to take on difficult challenges, by using cutting-edge and nontraditional approaches to meet high standards.

Corporate Governance

Our policies certify we are accountable to all of our stakeholders, clients and employees in Saudi Arabia and across the region. Extend's code of ethics, included here, reflects our commitment across the Ad Network.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Working together with Unity Unity and Respect are continuously experienced and the substance of our corporate integrity. We are all anticipated to act with transparency and integrity at all times. We operate with the uppermost standards and ethics. Moreover, each of us is personally persistent for supporting Extend core values. We are dedicated to providing an environment free of any differentiation between national origin, sex, expression, age, physical or mental disability, or any other category. We are devoted to nurturing an all-encompassing workplace where talented minds work, succeed, contribute to ultimate success and develop their and their colleagues’ careers. Supporting a diverse, united workforce tolerates us to be fruitfully successful in building confidence, empowering teams, and achieving to our customers.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

We discourse conflicts of interest in a decent manner to guarantee smooth decisions making in terms of business and the best interest of Extend. Our personal precise interests can affect any decisions without taking into consideration they will not. We always enlighten out our staff that any personal behavior can have a negative impact on Extend. Everybody in Extend should disclose potential conflicts of interest promptly and truthfully, and to abide by any measures put in place to protect the overall interests. Conflict of interest is: • Actions or interests could prevent your duties performance in a truthful and an effective manner. • Incentive to benefit yourself.

Doing The Necessary With Dedication

Doing The Necessary With Dedication

We dedicate ourselves reliably, decently and fairly with our clients, suppliers and each other. While we are conducting our business with honesty, we are certainly committed to treat everyone with pride and respect. In the same time, we expect our business partners’ values and business practices to reflect with product quality, rules and regulations, employee’s treatment and compliance. We strive to always be a company that is known for doing the necessary with dedication.

A Proud Extend

A Proud Extend

Protecting our assets (charters, copyrights, business secrets) including authenticating their creation and preserving their secrecy, is critical to a sustained success. Charters include agreements, letter of intents, or MoUs used to protect Extend and its offerings and services. Copyrights protect creative expression, but can include things such as technology product labels, guidebooks and website content. Business secrets contain data or information that is preserved as secret, originates value and confidentiality agreements. It is our obligation to guard Extend’s intellectual property and proprietary information, and not to share such information with outside parties or within Extend that are not authorized to obtain and does not have a business need to receive that information. All resources and business materials that are used in our business that is protected by the intellectual property rights of others must be appropriately used with permission from the third party that owns or controls such rights.