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Extend | The Ad Network is led by a multi-experienced management team with world-class expertise in corporate management, marketing, and communications at all levels. Extend's cutting edge creative culture, has been sustained throughout an era of extraordinary change that we are still pursuing, to provide our current and prospect clients a strategic integrated communications solution. Our leaders team up to drive Extend's business onward through a determined ambition for talent development, client servicing, strategic thinking, innovation and operational excellence.

CEO Message

Extend | The Ad Network leverages its exceptional skilled assets, communication consulting, creativity, media, public relations, digital, technology and artificial intelligence to deliver unique and achievable ideas that have a robust impact when it comes to client’s engagement with its various audiences. Our ultimate objective is to be our clients' vital partner in their own transformation by providing them with an agile access to our best-in-class know-how across an endless achievable integration. A driving vigor nationally and regionally, Extend | The Ad Network believes in the power of creativity, intelligence and technology to realize change, whenever and whatever the clients’ needs are. We are also persistent on being fully focused to activate in ways that are sustainable, promoting superior equity and transparency within our Ad Network and the community at large.

Trusted Advisors

We provide the upmost value integrated services to our existing and potential clients.

In addition to our trusted expertise in areas such as advertising, branding, social media, production, public relations and media buying, we endlessly transform to support our clients to overcome the challenges that they face by developing competitive marketing & communications strategies.