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Privacy Policy

Last Updated 3 March, 2023


  • Due to care of “Extend”, and based on its belief that protecting the privacy of personal data is important to everyone, it has prepared this privacy policy to show its commitment to protecting the privacy of data of its customers’, users of the website of Extend https://extendad.com
  • As “Extend” is keen on the confidentiality of the data and information that we see, we hope that you read the privacy policy carefully before using the website or electronic application of (Extend).
  • The user’s visit to the website, or applying for services via the application or the website https://extendad.com, and is considered as approval of the provisions of this policy and any updates that may occur thereto and, and of future policies or procedures related thereto.


What does the privacy policy cover:

  • This policy covers the personal data that the user provides about himself or his establishment and the data attached to that name and related to it, through which the user can be identified, including but not limited to personal or commercial names, e-mails, contact numbers, addresses, through his use of “Extend” application or the website https://extendad.com


Why do We Collect User Data?

  • The aim of all that personal data and information is to help us to provide our services in a decent manner and level, including the services of the application and the website, and to provide you with all the offers and data that we think you are interested in but we do not collect data with sensitive descriptions about users related to physical identification of the user’s personality, such as the name or personal photo.


What Do We Collect About Users?

  • We collect the user’s personal data and information when using “Extend” application or the website https://extendad.com . We also benefit from your data when participating in opinion polls, and we use cookies in that as applicable.
  • To provide its services and products to its customers or any other party, Extend shall have the full right to collect, use and share their personal data, geographical location, phone numbers, addresses and all data related to them without having any effect on the specific identification of the customers’ identity such as their names and photos.

Cookies Policy

Last Updated 8 March, 2023

Our Policy on the Use of Cookies:

  • The purpose of “Extend” in using cookies is to find the best ways for using the website or electronic application, which leads to improvement and development of all services provided, and according to the provisions of this policy, all data obtained through the use of cookies for later use or use in the future in the services that we develop or work to develop is legal provided that these files do not contain anything that discloses the user’s personality, and they are not used for data collection from the start.
  • The policy of “Extend” is to use cookies only when it is necessary to use them, and this use will not in any way lead to identifying the main personality of the user with its details, such as the name or personal picture, which whoever obtains it can be able to obtain full information about the same user and his personality.
  • In accordance with the provisions of this policy, it is considered valid and acceptable by all those who deal with the company to obtain personal data if it is submitted by them, provided that it is also correct and acceptable to obtain data related to various technical matters from all electronic devices that the user uses when visiting the affiliated electronic windows Ours (website, application, …) and this includes characteristics related to the performance of the system used, the geographical locations visited by it, the transportation systems which includes the type of the system and its connection, and the payment terms used by the system or its attached mobile systems or the like, and it also includes the internet communication protocol and its data.
  • The information we obtain from cookies shows the limits and parameters of interaction with various technologies such as the use of mobile phones, fast messaging of response codes, and short distance communication, although it must be noted that if the user does not wish to do so, he must activate settings of the system he uses to refuse the powers of cookies, and the user is solely responsible for that.


How we store your personal data:

  • We undertake to make sufficient and reasonable effort to preserve your personal data to protect it from misuse, loss, or unauthorized access, and we take care not to disclose it and we will destroy any personal data that is no longer needed to be kept within our data storage locations.
  • We always point out that the user alone is responsible for keeping his passwords through which he enters “Extend” electronic windows, and we always stress not to share essential data with others for any reason.
  • We do not guarantee or provide a guarantee at any stage of dealing with us with regard to securing the safety of personal data during transmission or storage from any of the parties to the relationship related to electronic services / products and others, and the user acknowledges that he is aware of the responsibility that rests on him in preserving His data and not revealing it to others, and he is also aware of all aspects of the implications of his clarification and disclosure of personal data related to him with his choice and consent. In the event that he becomes aware of any violation of this, he must first communicate with Extend and notify it.
  • In order to provide you with the appropriate service, we have the right to store all types of data inside and outside the Kingdom and within the limits permitted by the law.

Terms of Use

Last Updated 1 March, 2023

Information Exchange and Disclosure:

  • Users agree to the collection and use of personal data by “Extend” for the purpose of providing electronic services/products of Extend and others, and any other services, and the user specifically agrees to the information that expressly states and clearly discloses their names, addresses, contact numbers and mail. This data and everything else is available to those who are authorized by us to view it, including service providers, contractors, researchers, public relations officials, and the like.
  • The user agrees that we use the data in the development of Extend services and products, and owns all the rights related to and resulting from them and is subject to study and analysis processes for the purposes of improving sales, research and development, and various different purposes.
  • When the access permission that we obtain from the user ends or is withdrawn, we will not have the ability to give or provide any service to users and we reserve the right to view, disclose or share personal data related to our users whenever that is based on an existing or potential legal dispute or a contract which is already concluded or is to be concluded,  or for whatever falling within protection or ownership of intellectual rights, or has been authorized by the applicable regulations, provided that all of this is subject to the sole discretion of “Extend”.
  • When selling, liquidating, acquiring or merging the existing business, it is valid according to the provisions of this policy to transfer some or all of the personal data to any party.


Information and Data Security:

  • Transmission of data via the Internet cannot be considered completely secure. Nevertheless, we do our best to protect the personal data of our users in its integrated form, permanent updates, and correct integrated information, and we always provide the opportunity for the user who wants to know his personal data registered with us, taking into account the appropriate timing and the possibility of responding to it and clarifying its inquiries in accordance with the internal work policy and systems of “Extend”.


Power to Amend the Usage Policy:

  • Due to care of “Extend” to protect its customers’ data and to continue providing better service, it reserves the right to amend some or all parts of this policy, provided that users are notified according to any of the communication data available to it.

Affiliate and Sister Electronic Windows:

  • When our electronic windows contain links to move to other electronic windows, then this policy applies to them, unless the windows have other policies, and for that reason user must read and take care of that.