Increasing awareness about new product using influencer marketing



Jotun planned to launch across MENA, a new product Fenomastic Wonderwall Life, a paint that has no smell.



Find an innovative way to promote the unique USP of this new product.



We didn’t just want to tell people that the new Jotun Fenomastic Wonderwall Life has no smell, we wanted to prove it. And we did that by inviting 5 of the region’s most influential and loved names including an actress, TV talk show hosts and fashion and beauty celebrities to a live sensorial dining experience. While they were immersed in their dining experience in complete darkness, the product quietly made its point. Each influencer experienced the product and used their own social channels to promote the experiment- creating an unprecedented buzz for Jotun Fenomastic Wonderwall Life.



8% Increase in sales in the first 2 month

87% Video views completion

15% Increase in engagement

12M Impressions